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          Lisa Marie Segarra 2019年10月09日


          9月23日,谷歌公布了有關其Play Pass視頻游戲訂閱服務的新細節,而就在9月19日,蘋果剛剛發布了其游戲服務Apple Arcade。

          谷歌的Play Pass與蘋果的新游戲服務可謂是異曲同工,也為谷歌提供了與其傳統科技競爭對手進行角逐的優勢。隨著蘋果將其業務模式從硬件向服務轉移,新訂閱服務很可能會加劇這一競爭。


          9月下旬發布的谷歌Play Pass擁有350款游戲和應用,每月4.99美元。Apple Arcade的價格也是4.99美元,但其中只有游戲。這兩款服務允許同時注冊6個家庭成員,而且在推出時均有優惠活動。Apple Arcade首月免費,Play Pass首年費用為1.99美元/月。

          二者似乎在價格上勢均力敵,但Play Pass似乎更加物有所值,而且其游戲庫的靈活性也更大。


          Apple Arcade當前僅有約100款游戲,因此不如谷歌豐富,但它在游戲的選擇上更具針對性。蘋果正在與科樂美(Konami)這類知名游戲開發商合作,來充實其游戲庫,但這些游戲都是專屬作品,也就讓Apple Arcade成為了一款小眾游戲服務。

          Apple Arcade的游戲只有通過其服務才能訪問(未訂閱該服務的蘋果設備所有者則無法購買),但任何安卓用戶個體都可以購買Play Pass應用。谷歌Play Pass中的一些游戲已經有了不少忠實粉絲,例如《Stardew Valley》、《Limbo》、《Risk》。它還囊括了一些大名鼎鼎的應用,例如AccuWeather。

          Apple Arcade的對象為那些希望獲得獨立、經蘋果批準的游戲體驗的用戶。與采用不干涉模式的Play Pass不同的是,蘋果正在加大對Apple Arcade的管理和投資。但這些游戲對大眾市場的吸引力難以與Play Pass的游戲匹敵。


          在Apple Arcade和谷歌Play Pass游戲的訪問方式方面也存在一個重要的細節。iPhone、iPad、Apple TV和Mac的用戶可以訂閱Apple Arcade服務。Play Pass則面向安裝了Play Store的安卓移動、平板和計算機設備。Play Pass還可以在帶有安卓系統的智能電視上運行。





          Google announced new details about its Play Pass video game subscription service on September 23, coming in right off the Sept. 19 launch of Apple Arcade.

          Google Play Pass comes with similar offerings to Apple’s new game service, which gives Google an edge against their frequent tech competitor. The new subscription offering will likely prove to bring further rivalry, as Apple pivots its business model toward services as opposed to hardware.


          Google’s Play Pass launches at the end of September with 350 games and apps for $4.99 a month. Apple Arcade is also priced at $4.99, but focuses specifically on games. Both can be used by up to six family members and are offering deals at launch. Apple Arcade is free for the first month, and Play Pass is $1.99 per month for its first year.

          Both Play Pass and Apple Arcade seem evenly matched on pricing, but Play Pass offers more bang for your buck, as well as more flexibility with its library.


          With only about 100 games at the moment, Apple Arcade has fewer titles, but its selection is more curated. Apple is working with some well-known developers like Konami pad its library, but the games are exclusives, making Apple Arcade more of a niche service.

          While Apple Arcade’s games are only available through its service (and not able to be purchased by non-subscribing Apple device owners), Play Pass apps are available for individual purchase by any Android user. Google Play Pass also has some titles that already have dedicated followings, like Stardew Valley, Limbo, and Risk. It also features big name apps like AccuWeather.

          Apple Arcade is tailored for users who want an indie and Apple-approved gaming experience. Unlike Play Pass, which takes a more hands-off approach, Apple is throwing its weight and money behind Apple Arcade. But the games don’t have the mass market appeal that Play Pass titles do.

          Device Compatibility

          There’s also the important detail of how to play Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass games. iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac users can take advantage of Apple Arcade subscriptions. Play Pass is available on Android mobile, tablet, and computer devices with the Play Store. Play Pass also works on Android-equipped smart TVs.

          While the addition of Apple and Google’s new video game services add yet more subscriptions to mull over, neither service has a must-have experience. That said, both are inexpensive enough (or free) to get people to at least try—and then remain subscribed to, because the prices—and titles—are right.